The Miracle of Mindful Eating

The Mindset and Tools You Need to Enjoy Food and Your Life!

Hey Beautiful!

Do you struggle with your weight? Do you eat even when you're not hungry? Do you use food or alcohol to deal with stress? Do you consistently feel "stuffed" after eating? Do you ever "blame and shame" yourself after eating? Have you had little or no success with diet and exercise plans? Do you worry you'll never feel comfortable in your own body? Are you tired of having to try so hard to make peace with food, and more importantly, with yourself?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then you are in the right place!

Stacey Curnow, Midwife for Your LifeAfter years of my own struggles with food and weight, and coaching countless women…

…I haven't met a single woman who hasn't struggled to make peace with food or their bodies, and hasn't wondered, "Why does it have to be so hard?"

Yes, even smart and successful women find achieving that kind of peace a struggle. Especially smart and successful women.

You're not alone!

That's why I'm offering The Miracle of Mindful Eating.

In it, I'll share the exact steps I took to break through my food and weight struggles and absolutely LOVE my body. I enjoy vibrant health every day, and I honestly can't remember the last time I was sick!

At the end of the program you will have the mindset and tools to create a body AND life you love, too.

"I feel more in charge of my life and much healthier."

Deborah Barnhart"When I started working with Stacey, I was struggling to lose weight. She taught me to focus on "tiny habits" and celebrate small successes and that has really helped me stay on track with my goals. Now I feel more in charge of my life and much healthier."

Deborah Barnhart
Alexandria, VA


No matter how much you doubt yourself and think that you can't make peace with food or your body…

No matter how frustrated you are because you've tried everything before…

No matter how tired you are with working so hard and seeing no results…

No matter how tempted you are to just throw in the towel and give up on loving your body and your life…

You can breathe (finally!) because the solution is RIGHT HERE, ready for the taking!

"I have more courage and I can see clearly
what I'm supposed to do."

Mona Ball"Before I started working with Stacey I felt like I didn't have a life worth living. I hated my job and was so afraid to just step out into uncertainty and change my circumstances and find the happiness I so yearned for.

I now have more courage than I ever thought possible. I can see clearly what I'm supposed to do with my life and I have no doubt that I will make my presence known to the world and make a big difference.

I am ready to roll up my sleeves and face any obstacles that may come my way. Life is glorious and I am finally ready to live it! With Stacey's guidance and support, I know I can do this!"

Mona Ball
Eaton, PA


Here's How to End the Cycle of Doubting Yourself, Letting Stress Define Your Eating Habits, and Struggling with Weight.

The Miracle of Mindful Eating:
The Mindset and Tools You Need to Enjoy Food and Your Life

This program is for you if you want to:

  • Feel more satisfied with yourself and happy with your life.
  • Enjoy food and exercise because they feel good, not to fit into a certain dress size.
  • Be a good example for your kids about what it means to live a vital and healthy life.
  • Respond to stress in other ways than reaching for a glass of wine or the breadbasket.
  • Eliminate all external triggers for eating. (This means any trigger other than hunger – the coworker's birthday, your kid didn't finish his snack, or you're watching television in the evening.)

Over the course of 5 weeks you'll discover:

Session 1: How to Create Your Happy and Healthy Life Vision

A happy and healthy life is really an "inside" game. In this session you'll learn how to:

  • Discover what you're really hungry for – a life filled with health and vitality. When you feel healthy and vital, you create more freedom, ease and happiness in your OWN life, while having a positive, life-changing impact on others, like your children. Don't you want that?
  • Overcome mindset blocks that keep you stuck, overwhelmed and overweight.
  • Find your body's "happy" body weight without dieting.


Session 2: How to Identify YOUR Ideal Diet

Until you know, specifically and precisely, the best foods for YOUR body, you will always struggle to feel healthy and vital.

In this session, you'll learn how to:

  • Create an ideal diet for YOU.
  • Plan so that you're always fueling your body right – even when you're traveling, at work, or away from home for any reason.
  • Identify and eliminate the foods that create the most problems.


Session 3: How to Make Your Health a Priority

In your life, you’ll find yourself in situations that will seriously challenge your ability to honor your health and wellness.

In this session, you'll learn how to:

  • Choose exercise that feels good and fits your busy lifestyle.
  • Communicate effectively with others so that there is no guilt or shame related to honoring your body's needs.


Session 4: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

Self-coaching is THE way to make sure that you always respond powerfully to any circumstance, no matter what.

In this session, you'll learn how to:

  • Identify the circumstances and thoughts that are creating your feelings and choose better-feeling thoughts.
  • Practice the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, also known as Tapping), a proven tool for decreasing stress.
  • Develop a new and caring relationship with your body.


Session 5: Bringing it All Together

This is part class, part celebration!

In this session, you'll learn how to:

  • Translate Goals into Action.
  • Learn how to listen to your body's messages for what it really needs.
  • How to get the most from your best asset – your brain (based on scientific research)!

I will not talk about counting calories, or "points," or any other regimented diet or exercise plan. I will show you how to connect with your inner wisdom – the part of you that knows what you need to feel healthy and vital. And I lay it all out step by step!

I've carefully selected the tools you need to be successful. These are the SAME tools I use in my life, so you KNOW they work!

Best part is that you will have these tools in your toolkit forever, and you'll be able to reference them over and over again.

"Stacey's thoughtful, conscious approach to eating and her support helped me feel full, satisfied and not deprived."

Laura Reeth"While working with Stacey, one of her constant, loving questions she urged me to ask was "Is this in alignment with my goal?"

I used this question on my writing and work and other issues in my life, but it was when I finally decided to seriously address my weight that the question became second nature. I use that question regularly when presented with foods that in the past would tempt me to stray from my comfort zone and then, in frustration, dump the idea of a beneficial way of eating entirely.

This thoughtful, conscious approach to eating and Stacey's support helped me feel full, satisfied and not deprived of a single treat during the 2012 holiday season. I'd ask the question and listen carefully to the answer before either passing up food that was not in alignment with my goal or enjoying a treat to the fullest. And I started the new year well on my way to goal."

Laura Reeth
Raleigh, NC


BONUS: 30 Days to Inner Peace (A $47 Value!)

30 Days to Inner PeaceThe foundation of The Miracle of Mindful Eating is mindfulness – and mindfulness is a practice. 30 Days to Inner Peace gives you the daily guidance, support and accountability you need to develop your own mindfulness practice.

It delivers…

  • Daily guidance and encouragement for creating peace and clarity.
  • A rich variety of practices to help you maintain awareness, rest, focus, and creativity.
  • Proven strategies for staying peaceful and happy no matter what.


The Miracle of Mindful Eating Online Course
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  • Five 60-minute Content Calls (one for each session described above).
  • Each session will teach you what I've learned over the last 20 years and support you in taking the next step in making your vision and dream a reality! Listen online or download the mp3 files to your iPod or audio player.

  • Two LIVE Q&A Sessions available as Audio Downloads
  • I know that you will have questions that arise during the course. You'll love these calls that feature the most frequently asked questions from my past students! Listen online or dowload the mp3 files to your iPod or audio player.

    NOTE: All sessions have been pre-recorded and you have unlimited access to recordings of all of the sessions.

  • Worksheets for Each Session
  • I've created weekly assignments to give you the exact next actions you need to take each week. When you follow these assignments carefully, you will get serious traction on your goals.

  • A Quick Start Guide
  • This guide will help you get a plan in place as soon as you register for the program, and help you keep moving even when you have one of those days.


Two Enrollment Options

Option 1: The Miracle of Mindfulness Implementation Intensive BASIC

  • The Miracle of Mindfulness Eating Master Class, delivered in 5 content calls, plus worksheets. In this program I've done all the work for you by including proven strategies from the latest research – everything you need to make your health a #1 priority and succeed.
  • Quick Start Guide full of Wellness Tips and Tools
  • Recordings of all calls so you can listen multiple times and pick up new aha’s from the coaching received by you and your colleagues.
  • Transcripts of All Session Recordings. I know that you may like to read instead of listen (or in addition to listening in), PLUS, if you're anything like me, you love taking lots of NOTES, too. That's why I'm including transcripts of each of the five session recordings for you. Read them online, or download them and print them out to capture bonus ideas and "aha!"s that are sparked for you.

Option 2: The Miracle of Mindfulness Implementation Intensive PLUS

  • Everything above, PLUS:
  • Two 30-minute private coaching calls with me to design your personal roadmap to developing mindful-eating habits and ultimate success!
  • Private email access to me for laser-focused guidance and accountability.

Your Investment

Option 1: Invest in full at $197.

Or choose a 2-pay plan: Secure your spot with your first payment of $107 (charged immediately upon registration). Remaining payment of $107 will be billed after 30 days.

Basic pay in full $197      Basic 2 payments of $107

Option 2: Invest in full at $347.

Or choose a 2-pay plan: Secure you spot with your first payment of $177 (charged immediately upon registration). Remaining payment of $177 will be billed after 30 days.

Plus pay in full $347      Plus 2 payments of $177

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If you prefer to register by phone or have registration questions, please email us your name and phone number and a good time to call and I'll return your call and get you all set up. Email me at

I know this program will make a HUGE difference in your life… that's why I'm guaranteeing it!

money back guaranteeI believe in this program so much that I'm offering a 14-Day "Be Happy" Money Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, just let me know within the first 2 weeks, and I will happily refund your investment. No questions asked, and we part as friends!

Fair enough?

"The coaching Stacey offers is nothing short of amazing. She helped me accomplish dreams that I had all but given up on."

Liz Curtin"Ever since my husband died unexpectedly 7 years ago, I’ve struggled with feelings of loneliness and isolation. Depression and hopelessness have been my default settings.

I worked through another program in the past, but the constant message was that I should be able to get my perfect job and make my dreams happen no matter what the economy or situation. All it ended up doing was making me feel bad.

Stacey's program is different because she shares her struggles and what works for her in an atmosphere of growth. It makes me feel empowered.

My whole attitude towards life and living has changed drastically. The personal coaching Stacey offers is nothing short of amazing. She helped me accomplish dreams that I had all but given up on. Stacey is a miracle worker, and I thank her from the bottom of my heart and soul."

Liz Curtin
New York, NY


Give YOURSELF the GIFT of ABUNDANT HEALTH this Holiday Season! Let's do this!

Basic Program


PLUS Program

Basic pay in full $197 Basic 2 payments of $107 Plus pay in full $347 Plus 2 payments of $177