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Are You Ready to Ditch Fear, Doubt and Regret?

Do you wish you could find the courage to do what you really feel called to do?

Are you holding onto a dream or goal that feels too big or scary to act on?

Do you watch other people accomplish amazing things and wonder if it will ever be your time?

Ditch Fear, Doubt and RegretWhen I quit my lucrative job and moved to Mexico to volunteer with Doctors Without Borders to provide health care to isolated, indigenous communities, most people thought it was a very brave (if not a little crazy) thing to do. And it was. (That’s crazy, courageous me in the photo!)

But what looked like a giant act of bravery (and a tiny bit of crazy) from me was really just the culmination of a series of small courageous choices, the kind of choices anyone could make on any day of the week.

Where Do You Find the Courage?

I talk with many women who want to make really big changes in their lives, but they just don’t take the necessary steps.

Some might say it’s low self-esteem and they just don’t believe in themselves enough to make those big changes, but I think it’s more that they don’t have practice at taking even small risks and building their “courage” muscles.

I think it’s taking small daily steps that stretch us out of our comfort zone that ultimately make the big leaps into our dreams possible.

You Are Already Brave (But You Need Some Help Cultivating It)

Research shows that human beings are wired for novelty and challenge. Put more simply, people are happiest when they are doing something new and difficult.

This shouldn’t be a surprise: Who are among the happiest people on the planet? Kids, right? And it’s not because that they don’t have “adult” responsibilities, it’s because they are great at having new and challenging experiences.

Why is it that when we get older, we no longer embrace novelty and challenge?

Babies will take their first tentative steps, fall down and get right back up again, a hundred times before they learn to walk. An adult tries something new and fails once and thinks, “Oh, well. I guess I wasn’t meant to do that.”

And so that person stays feeling stuck and small. So what’s the solution? The solution is to try something new. Whatever happens, the wellbeing you get from doing something new comes not from newness, but from the difficulty.

Ready to BE the Change?

Want to feel better about yourself? Get used to the idea that the things you really want are hard to achieve.

Want to move forward? Embrace the fact that you will fail a hundred times before you succeed.

Your best bet is to learn to look forward to a long slog through many, many mistakes, multiple defeats and disappointments before you reach your goal.

And how do you do that?

Take The Courage Building Boot Camp!

Courage Building Boot CampPowerful, life-changing lessons delivered straight to your inbox every day for 30 days. You’ll receive 30 emails from me with strategies, tips, tools, stories and questions to nurture the courage you already possess and help you put your innate bravery into action. Each day, you’ll receive small challenges designed to produce big results.

Invest now!

Courage Building Boot Camp - Basic $47

By the end of this program, you will have learned:

  • How to build a stable foundation for your courageous life;
  • Practices to cultivate your innate inner courage;
  • Ways to use curiosity and experimentation to sneak past the guards at the gate to your comfort zone;
  • How to find the small act of bravery that you can do right now;
  • Exercises to build your courage muscles;
  • Practices to ensure your courage grows long after the course is over.

Try it Risk Free.

Money Back GuaranteeI understand that your first act of courage may be to invest in yourself through this program, and I know how scary that can be.

I believe in this program so much that I am offering a 14-Day “Be Happy” Money Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, just let me know within the first 2 weeks and I will happily refund your investment. No questions asked, and we part as friends.

“Stacey helped me see fear for what it is.”

Shawna Cevraini“Before the Courage Building Boot Camp I knew I wanted to make some BIG changes in my life, but I was scared to take serious action. Stacey helped me see fear for what it is, and then continue on anyway. I see so many options that I didn’t see before and I feel excited about my future and confident that I can achieve my dreams. Stacey gave so much great guidance, support and accountability and I gained so much from this journey!”

Shawna Cevraini
Alberta, Canada

Don’t delay!

Are you ready to start building those courage muscles and develop the mindset and tools to get you exactly what you want?

You’ve got nothing to lose, except your fears and doubts. Let’s get started.

The Courage Building Boot Camp


Courage Building Boot Camp - Basic $47


Take wonderful care, and much love,

Stacey Curnow

P.S. Courage is not something you have to find outside of you. It’s something you already possess, and can cultivate through small daily practices by joining me now.


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