Give Birth to Your Big Dreams

What is Your BIG Dream?

Write a book (and get it published)?
Start a Business (and get paid handsomely)?
Love fully (yourself and/or a partner)?
Let go completely (anger, resentment, guilt)?

If you're like most people I talk to, you know you have a BIG dream, but you've been gestating it for YEARS.

You probably wonder if you'll ever be able to get it out into the world. You probably feel like something is wrong with you, or you're not supposed to want this thing, if it hasn't happened already.

There's nothing wrong with you or your dream: You just need a midwife to help you give birth to it.

If you want laser-focused clarity on your dream and serious traction to show for it, then this is for you. All of it will be delivered in a VERY short time, with a VERY reasonable investment.

When your BIG dream and my "strategy" mind meet, your best self comes out to play and great things happen. And your time is NOW.


“I have more courage and I can see clearly
what I’m supposed to do.”

Mona Ball“Before I started working with Stacey I felt like I didn’t have a life worth living. I hated my job and was so afraid to just step out into uncertainty and change my circumstances and find the happiness I so yearned for.

I now have more courage than I ever thought possible: I quit my job and I’m building my own business! I can see clearly what I’m supposed to do with my life and I have no doubt that I will make my presence known to the world and make a big difference.

I am ready to roll up my sleeves and face any obstacles that may come my way. Life is glorious and I am finally ready to live it! With Stacey’s guidance and support, I know I can do this!”

Mona Ball
Eaton, PA


What to Expect

  • Pre-work to get you primed for the experience.
  • Four Hours of Focused Coaching – Our time together is one part mindset work (overcoming your limiting beliefs) and one part practical strategy. You'll also receive clear next action steps to take you to the next session and beyond. The coaching sessions can be delivered in either one-hour or 30-minute sessions. All sessions will be completed within 8 weeks of our start date.
  • Four Weeks of Weekly Email Contact – Once a week (preferably Sunday) you'll complete a 30-Minute Manifesto (my weekly planning tool and secret weapon) and I'll review it to make sure you have a step-by-step plan that gives you the exact actions you need to take to feel completely on purpose for the next week.
  • Four Weeks of Daily "Traction" Check-In Text or Email – Until your new "take action" habits become automatic, you need to have "external" motivation to remind you that "this is what I do." I'll be that external motivation, in the form of a daily text or email.
  • One "Need-It-Now!" 15-minute phone session – When you're stuck and wondering "Why is this happening?!" you'll be glad to have this call. When you are overwhelmed and can't see clearly, I will be there to help you get unstuck. In my own experience, I have found it invaluable to have a coach-on-call when something has triggered me and I have forgotten my own power. I want to offer you the same excellent support and encouragement! At almost any time during the next eight weeks, I will clear my schedule to talk you through those challenging moments.


“The tools Stacey has given me have worked in all
areas of my life from work to family relationships.”

Laura Reeth“Stacey really listened and helped me dig deep to uncover what it is that I want to achieve on every level, and the tools Stacey has given me have worked in all areas of my life from work to family relationships. When I started working with her, I had a hard time meeting self-imposed deadlines. To me, creativity meant not being bound by a schedule. Stacey helped me see that creativity can actually flourish when I block out time for my priorities in a given day or week. Being accountable for how I spent my time gave me focus, and I can already see a difference in how I approach my life. ”

Laura Reeth
Raleigh, NC


My Promise

As your coach, I'm here to help you find the answers you already have. As your mentor, I'm here to fill in the ones you don't. Your Give Birth to Your BIG Dreams Coaching program will be structured with a specific sequence of phone (or Skype) conversations and solo work. Everything is designed to help you give birth to your BIG dreams.

Most importantly, you'll walk away with a powerful sense of your PURPOSE – which will serve you well for the rest of your life!


“Stacey helped me quickly find much-needed clarity.”

Lavonne Luquis“Working with Stacey helped me quickly find much-needed clarity. My husband had recently passed away, and I was feeling “stuck” and unable to move forward and take control of my career. Stacey conveys a heart-felt and contagious belief in unlimited possibilities, and I am now happily embarked on my chosen path.”

Lavonne Luquis
Sterling, VA


Your Investment: $997

Big Dreams Strategy Sessions $997


Big Dreams Strategy Sessions - 2 payments of $527



3-week interval between
1st and 2nd payments.


Send an or set up a completely complimentary 30-minute Discover Your Purpose Strategy Session. We'll talk about what you're hoping to achieve, and decide if the Give Birth to Your BIG Dreams Coaching program is the best course of action.


“I had lost myself and Stacey helped me find my way back.”

Colleen Fleming“I decided to work with Stacey because I was needing some clarity and help defining what I really wanted and how I wanted to be in my life. I had sort of lost myself and Stacey helped me find my way back, get on track for my dreams, and remember that I really have all I need.

When I have been in the midst of a crisis Stacey has been there to help me find my way out and take care of myself in the best way possible.

Stacey is skilled at keeping you on task and focused. She is working WITH you and on things that YOU WANT for yourself. She is a great motivator and resource.

I appreciate so much all the energy and attention she gives me. The investment in myself was totally worth it.”

Colleen Fleming
Portland, OR