WAYA: What Are You Appreciating?

by Stacey on February 25, 2011

When you find yourself appreciating something – at any time, or even multiple times, in a week – I hope you will try to capture it in a note, photograph or any form that strikes your fancy, and send it to us. If you get it to us each Thursday at 6pm it will be included in the next day’s post.  See this week’s entries below.

If you missed getting in your submission earlier in the week, but would like to chime in now, please leave a comment below! I can’t wait to hear what you are appreciating!


This week I’m appreciating the fabulous time we had at the indoor water park in celebration of my awesome nephew’s birthday!



I am appreciating my hot coco at 0345 in the morning on Oahu, rain in the sky so after the sun comes up I am sure I will be appreciating a few rainbows.

-Deborah Roden


Fried egg on top of a slice of cinnamon bread

-James Daniel


I’m appreciating being home with my family during this winter break. I love getting to just ‘be,’ to slow down.

-Veronica Gaboury


I am appreciating my husband and little girl being so patient with my big, sometimes irritable, waddling self at 39 weeks pregnant.

-Rachel Stokes


First photo credit by The Telegraph

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