WAYA: What Are You Appreciating?

by Stacey on September 24, 2010

When you find yourself appreciating something – at any time, or even multiple times, in a week – I hope you will try to capture it in a note, photograph or any form that strikes your fancy, and send it to us. If you get it to us each Thursday at 5pm it will be included in the next day’s post.  See this week’s entries below.

If you missed getting in your submission earlier in the week, but would like to chime in now, please leave a comment below! I can’t wait to hear what you are appreciating!


This week I’m appreciating my son’s passion for Tae Kwon Do. You can’t get the kid out of his uniform – and watch out for his roundhouse kick!

- Stacey


It’s over! I’m done! Last treatment was today at 1:15pm! Despite the fact that this last week felt like several years all on its own, I made it through….with flying colors (mostly red and purple!) And they gave me this certificate to prove it!

It has been a long 3 1/2 months. Thank you to all of you for helping me summon the courage to get through it all with your notes, facebook comments, phone calls, light and love. Now it’s time to rest, heal and get back to the rest of our life without interruption. And plan that next trip to Tuscany among other things!

- Kathy Troidle Jackson


This week I’m appreciating being home from my travels!  Back with my record collection, my kitchen, and my best friend Bunny.  Sadly, my garden is a bit worse for wear (is that what happens when you forget to ask someone to water it?) but otherwise – it’s good to be home!

- Kelly

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Kathy Troidle JacksonNo Gravatar September 24, 2010 at 1:09 pm

Stacey – how wonderful he looks!! Go get ‘em tiger!

By way of an update, I am enjoying my first pain free day post radiation! My skin is finally healing up and nothing can stop me now!!

Also, I wanted to add that I am so appreciating the beautiful fall weather we are having here in upstate NY. The colors around the lake at the bottom of our property are at their peak already and the beautiful weather allows us maximum time on the deck to enjoy it.

Life is good!


StaceyNo Gravatar September 24, 2010 at 10:05 pm

Kathy, I am *so* thrilled for you!! You are absolutely right – NOTHING can stop you. Enjoy a beautiful weekend in the fall weather! Much love – s


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